Arizona Credentialing & Medical Management Consultants.
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The following is a list of services that we provide. Services are provided on approval of Physician/Medical Practice and ACMMC recommended list of services.

Administration and Management:

  • Assist in the development of organizational establishment from Policy & Procedures and bylaws, License and certifications to professional and medical insurances and vendors.
  • Review and Organizational information. (Facility, Staff, Physicians and systems)
  • Obtain and Apply for accreditation, permits and license from qualifying accreditation and regulatory agencies.
  • Training for staff and physicians on Policy and Procedures, HR, HIPPA and Risk Management.
  • Provide Training, Coaching, Consulting and/or assistance to the new office manager/Practice Administrator. (Limit on time per contract agreement)


Credentialing and Contracting:

  • A Provider Data Profile sheet will be created for management using all pertinent provider/group information.
  • Professional and Personal Background search on the Providers and Required personnel in regards to credentialing or contracting.
  • Identify all Insurances that the physician and/or group may submit a contract request to.
  • Review of all current contracted insurances for renegotiation, amendments or errors.
  • Submit Credentialing application to all Insurances for contracting that have been approved by Owners and/or Physicians for each physician and/or group location.
  • Help develop credentialing process, databases, and forms so that your staff can use this when contract is complete.


Business Development:

  • Review all departments to identify areas of improvement and potential loss of revenue.
  • Review and identify your business/industry network for trends and ways to maximize your revenue.

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